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masonry repair greensboro nc

We specialize in masonry repair services. If you have a concrete slab foundation or retaining wall, or have experienced masonry damage due to foundation settling, we can help. Our teams are able to repair a range of masonry issues for a competitive price, and can work with your schedule to avoid disrupting your daily life, as much as possible. As with all home renovation and repair jobs, getting the work done early is key – otherwise it will inevitably cost more and cause a bigger headache if left unattended. Get in touch with us for a friendly chat and to arrange a home visit to assess the issue. 


Our skilled team can help repair retaining walls, which are crucial to the structural integrity of many homes. Retaining walls are used to prevent damage from erosion – and can be very expensive and complex to replace if they fail. That’s why getting a repair done as soon as you spot any damage, such as sagging, crumbling or bowing, is crucial. If you need help fixing a leaning retaining wall, or repairing your concrete retaining wall, get in touch with Pros Foundation Repair Greensboro NC today.


We work across all types of foundation construction, including concrete slab. If you have a concrete slab foundation, you might notice that there is damage over time due to the soil underneath shifting. This can cause cracks in the floors, or the interior and exterior walls. Leaving cracks will result in further damage over time, and can result in a bigger bill in the long run, while fixing smaller cracks in the concrete slab is often a fairly simple job. Get in touch to learn more.


If you have damage to other masonry around your residential or commercial property, give us a call. Foundation issues can result in cracking or damage to brickwork and stone on the walls, and around windows and doors. This is unsightly – and cracks will often get bigger over time until they are causing other structural issues. Our team can help rectify masonry damage so you don’t need to worry about it.


We have supported many homeowners in our region with masonry repair services, and are always delighted to meet a new customer we can help. Thanks to word of mouth recommendations, our client list is growing, and it’s always a pleasure to provide competitive cost reliable services – no matter what type of masonry repair you need. Talk to a member of our team or arrange a site visit using our contact form or just give us a call.

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