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We specialize in crawl space repair and maintenance. Crawl spaces are useful because they allow easy access to the utilities, like plumbing and electrical wiring, making it easier to install and maintain essential services. However, this small space beneath your property – sometimes just 18 inches in height – can cause a lot of problems if it’s not well maintained. If wood has been used in the construction, it can rot or cause infestation, and shifts in the support posts might lead to uneven floors and cracking inside the building. Furthermore, a lack of ventilation can mean the crawl space becomes damp and attracts mold – leading to environmental issues in the home.

Don’t let this happen to your property – get in touch to learn more about maintaining and repairing your crawl space today. 


Environmental Signs You Need Crawl Space Repair
As well as potential structural shifts, the crawl space in your home can cause some environmental issues if you don’t keep it in good condition. For example, if you notice a damp smell or increase in humidity inside the home, or see standing water, mold or mildew inside the crawl space, you need our team. Other common issues can include insects or rodents coming into the home, or wood rot elsewhere on the property.

Preventing Problems In Your Crawl Space
As a homeowner, you want to make sure your property is well looked after and maintained. Adding simple foundation and crawl space checks to your regular home maintenance schedule can help. As well as making regular visual inspections of the crawl space to check for dampness or infestation, it’s worth checking for loose electrical wiring and any sign of exposed insulation, damaged or uneven supports. Inside the home, keep a look out for bouncing or uneven floors, or changes in the humidity and condensation, as these can indicate crawl space problems. If you spot any possible issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn more about affordable foundation repair in Greensboro NC.

Our Crawl Space Repair Service
Our professional home contractors have experience in spotting and repairing all sorts of crawl space issues. Getting problems sorted quickly can help prevent structural problems within the home – so don’t ignore that damp smell, or ignore a damaged support post in the crawl space. Call our team for a free no obligation assessment and estimate so you’ll have peace of mind.

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Structural Signs You Need Crawl Space Repair Greensboro

Depending on the construction methods used in your foundation, you might spot signs around the home which show your crawl space is damaged. Call our team at Pros Foundation Repair Greensboro NC if you see cracks in the interior or exterior walls, or sloping floors. These may indicate the foundation is not structurally sound and the house has started to settle or shift. Similarly, give us a call if you find that doors or windows suddenly won’t shut cleanly, as this may be a sign of movement in the foundation.

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