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Pros Foundation Repair Greensboro NC is here if you are in need of residential or commercial foundation repair services. Foundations are built to last, but over time you may face problems – caused by poor installation, the challenges of our climate, or simply long term wear and tear. If you need foundation wall repair, or are looking for basement waterproofing to keep your home safe and dry, you’re in the right place. Read on for more about the range of foundation, crawl space and masonry repair services we provide.


We are proud to have gathered a highly qualified and experienced team of staff, allowing us to provide residential and commercial foundation repair services. We can also help you and your family with connected services such, as waterproofing services for your basement, and corrective maintenance for your retaining wall. For a foundation repair service which is both reputable and affordable, give us a call today.


Our experienced teams specialize in foundation repair and connected services including those detailed on this page. If you can’t see what you need, or simply want a word of advice from a professional contractor, get in touch. For more information and to talk to a member of the team or arrange a site visit, we’re happy to assist.

greensboro foundation repair foundation repair


The type of foundation you have – and the potential repairs needed – will vary depending on the age and construction method of your property. However, whether your home or commercial building has a concrete slab foundation, pier and beam or block and base foundation, regular maintenance and repair is essential. Give us a call today.


If your building has a crawl space, you’ll be able to get easy access to plumbing and electricity utility units installed there. However, because crawl spaces can be prone to a build up of mold or fungi, it’s important to keep an eye out on the condition and get regular maintenance and repairs, as needed. Talk to a consultant if you have any questions about the condition of your crawl space, by calling us today.

greensboro foundation repair crawl space repair

All the contractors we met from Pros Foundation Repair Greensboro NC were skilled and experienced, and worked quickly and cleanly. Getting repairs on the crawl space was far less hassle than I had expected in the end!

GY, Greensboro NC

greensboro foundation repair masonry repair


Keeping your home safe and secure is about more than just the foundation, we also offer connected services, such as masonry repair. If you have a retaining wall on your property, for example, and find it is leaning, crumbling, or in any way showing damage, it’s important to call in a professional to help. Contact a team member by phone or online for more on the masonry repair services we provide.

Commercial Greensboro Foundation Repair

Commercial jobs are usually on a larger scale than the average home foundation repair, and can involve liaising with many other contractors, as well as additional steps to keep customers and employees safe during work hours. If you have a commercial building and need an assessment, maintenance or repair on the foundation, don’t call just anyone – get a professional opinion from our team, and learn more about how we work and the great prices we offer.

greensboro foundation repair commercial foundation repair

When we moved into a new home here we had some concerns about the state of the foundation and the retaining wall. With all the expense of the move, the last thing we needed was another big bill to pay. I can really recommend Pros Foundation Repair Greensboro NC if you need foundation repair services, as they provided a top quality service for a price which we were delighted with”

KC, Greensboro NC

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Having a basement is an excellent use of space for storage or for the family to spread out. However, keeping your basement dry can be a challenge if you don’t have the right construction, maintenance and repairs on hand. If you’re worried about a damp basement, or have spotted leaks, we can help. Ready to learn more about our basement waterproofing Greensboro NC services? Call our experienced team today.


Our concrete lifting and leveling service is used if your home has already suffered foundation damage which has caused it to sink or settle. We can work on the concrete slab and foundations to restore your property to its original condition by fixing the initial problem and then adding in additional support to the concrete slab to ensure the sagging or sinking does not happen again. Call us today for all your foundation repair in Greensboro NC.

greensboro foundation repair concrete lifting and leveling 2

If you need a commercial repair doing on your foundation, get the guys from Pros Foundation Repair Greensboro NC. The price is competitive and the service we had was great

PD, Greensboro NC

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If you have questions about Foundation repair in Greensboro NC, make sure you pick up the phone today to call our company. Our friendly and caring team of foundation experts are going to be able to discuss different aspects of the project with you. If you want to get a specific price quote and time estimate for the foundation work that you need done, simply let us know. We can schedule a time to come by for a consultation.

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