Concrete Lifting and Leveling

greensboro foundation repair concrete lifting and leveling

If you can see evidence that your home has started to suffer foundation damage, you may need a house leveling service. Telltale signs include cracks in the walls and floors, uneven flooring, sagging in the foundation and base, or other damage to the foundations and concrete slab. Concrete lifting and leveling is done to bring the property back to its original state after damage to the foundation has occurred. The exact route used will depend on the original issue, but it’s crucial in every case to identify the cause of the problem in the first place, and fix that before the leveling is done.


The short answer is to get in touch with Pros Foundation Repair Greensboro NC to talk through your concerns with a professional contractor, and arrange a site visit for assessment. Concrete lifting and leveling is usually needed once damage has already occurred to the foundation. There is a pretty good chance that you’ll be able to spot signs around the home when there’s an issue. These may include uneven or cracked flooring, visible sinking or settling in the foundation, or cracks and damage in the internal and external walls.


If your home has already suffered foundation damage, you need to take action quickly. The problem will not go away, and the structural issues and damage are likely to get worse. Concrete slab foundations can be prone to sinking or damage if there is erosion or flooding, or if the soil under the slab moves due to extreme weather, or because of plants and tree roots in the area. In these cases, the slab can crack or sink, and needs to be raised and leveled to avoid long term damage to the home.


Different approaches can be used depending on the damage we see and the root cause of the problem. A contractor will assess the issue and talk through your options before providing a quote for the work. This might involve using concrete supports underneath the slab to raise it, or filling gaps under the slab using a specialized chemical process. 

Our Concrete Lifting and Leveling Service
The services we offer are tailored to each property and customer. This means that we’ve got you covered, whatever you need to make your home a safe and comfortable place for you and your family. After an initial consultation with a member of the team, our contractor will visit your property to assess the issues and recommend a course of action. We’ll prepare a no obligation estimate for you to consider and can work with your schedule, to make sure disruption is minimal. Fill out our contact form on this page or click the button below to talk to a member of the team or arrange a site visit.

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